R.W. in MA

In the wake of all the drama and trauma going on around me, I have been feeling an eerie calm. Not so desperate or anxious about “what is going to happen” or “what if” or “what is he going to do”. I feel more in control of myself and my actions and not so scared…. I guess you could call it a sense of empowerment so to say…. just not scared… so I am hoping this continues… and I stay strong…. I credit you for this peace…. thank you… Please know who you are and what you do has a HUGE impact… More than you can imagine… really… I look forward to learning more… I look forward to “getting through this” I look forward to “getting to the other side of this drama/situation” and most of all I look forward to someday finding love, peace and security…. Thank you…. from the bottom of my heart….(which today, doesn’t feel the pressure or pain I have had for so long)

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