Who We Help

Who Can Benefit From Spiritual Guidance
and Pamela Dussault’s Expertise

In the normal course of life, we move through stages where we are confident and secure, only to feel totally uncertain of ourselves at other times. We may feel fulfilled in body, mind and spirit at one time – or in a particular area of our life – and yet uncertain or imbalanced in another. Perhaps the cause stems from the complicated world we live in, where strong forces are calling us in multiple directions. Instead of feeling balanced and invested in our life as a whole, our physical and emotional energies are tested.

What we offer at Passage To Inner Joy,
is a strategic plan to reset your inner self.

Our services are varied, so that no matter what your schedule or how you prefer to take in information, we have resources that work for you.

Here is an overview of the types of people we help. In truth, most people fall somewhere between the various groups. When we work with you, we’ll offer services that we feel will benefit your situation. But at the same time, we work with you to identify areas where you are most comfortable and from which you can achieve greater benefits.

People who are looking for outside help and guidance generally fall into one of these categories.


Perhaps your relationship is fulfilling, and yet you believe it can be even more so. You may be looking for a deep connection within your relationship and know that with the right help, you can reach that fulfilling relationship. If this sounds like you, we often suggest the following services:


Often, people are stymied because of a certain pattern that keeps recurring in their lives. They recognize the need for change but have not found a solution through typical counseling practices. These are people who are looking for a deeper kind of help – striving to get to the core of their recurring problem. We sometimes suggest the following course of action for people who fall within this group. But as always, other services are also available to you.


It could be mentoring or a type of coaching that is needed. Depending on whether there is a clear change needed or whether the individual is trying to reach defined goals, we will suggest various services. Many people in this group or trying to further their relationships, working to achieve certain health or wellness goals, or grow into an expected career goal. Often, these clients combine traditional and more spiritual services to reach their goals. We recommend the following but welcome the exploration of our other services.

We’re happy to answer questions after you’ve had a chance to review our services. Please Contact Us for more information or to ask specific questions.