Private Mentoring and Shamanism Training

Ever since I was young, I noticed that I had a talent for helping people feel better. There were many times in my life where people who needed this kind of help would gravitate to me, and I would be able to help them.

When I got older, I realized that I could transform this gift into something more intentional. I started to practice intuitive counseling, and learned about alternative medicine and healing. This allowed me to not only continue helping others, but teach them how they could help others too!

I absolutely love being able to use my gifts to help others find and use theirs; and I can’t wait to work with you! It is truly so fulfilling, and I hope that together, we can get your heart and soul in the same kind of alignment.

One way that I can help you do this is through my private mentoring programs:

Personal Mentoring

With this kind of mentoring, we will dive into your personal life, to help show you areas where you are capable of more growth and development.

In this way, I will be helping you find your purpose and calling by listening to you and implementing lessons that I myself have learned on my own journey.

We will work together to gain insight from our experiences, as well as seek aid from spirit guides, angels, ancestors, and other helper spirits. What we will learn together is going to help you grow to your full potential by focusing on YOU. Your gifts, qualities, talents, experiences, and more are what we will be using to guide you to your true Self.

When you get to know your true Self, you will start to recognize them, and believe in them—and therefore, believe in yourself! This will allow you to embrace who you are meant to be, and accept the wisdom of who that is.

If you’re ready to learn who you are, and what your purpose on this earth is, here are some options:

Biweekly, 1 Hour Sessions

3 Months
$525/mo (6 sessions)
Investment In Full
Payment Plan
6 Months
$455/mo (12 sessions)
Investment In Full
Payment Plan
12 Months
$385/mo (24 sessions)
Investment In Full
Payment Plan

There are no expectations in my personal mentoring sessions, so you can feel free to come as you are—no matter what. I have 20+ years of experience helping people find the answers to their lives’ biggest challenges, and identifying things that are holding them back. There could be so much untapped potential in your life; and I am here to help you find it and use it.

Together, we will work in the natural, spiritual, and physical realms to unlock these relationships that you can use long after our sessions are completed. You will learn how to meet your ancestors, spirit guides, power animals, the elements, native spirits, and more. This is all about empowering YOU to become who you are and have always been meant to be. I believe in you, and I want you to, too! All you have to do is be brave enough to take the first step, and I will walk with you as long as you need me; and introduce you to others who will walk with you as well.

Shamanic Training/Mentoring

When you join my shamanic training and mentoring program, you will get to discover the amazing practices of shamanism, and be able to learn them in the best ways for YOU. You can use these skills to help yourself on your journey in this world, and you can also choose to use it to help others on theirs. It’s completely up to you. With my guidance, you will have the advantage of my experience, as well as the positive changes these practices will bring to your life. The shamanic journey takes determination and work; but together, we will find the path meant for you.

If this journey sounds like the adventure you are looking for, here are some options:

Year 1 – biweekly for 9 months (18 classes):

  • Establishing a healthy relationship with your soul and with the Great Spirit
  • Introduction to journeying
  • Meeting and partnering with your power animal (PA) and spirit teacher
  • How to connect with nature, the directions, and your helping spirits
  • The art of divination
  • Tools for self-healing

Investment In Full
Payment Plan

Year 2 – biweekly for 9 months (18 classes):

  • Tools and skills for healing others
  • Power retrievals
  • Soul retrievals
  • Extraction work
  • Shadow work
  • Shamanic death and rebirth
  • Meeting and partnering with your healthy ancestral spirit guides (ASGs)
  • Psychopomp work

Investment In Full
Payment Plan

Year 3 – biweekly for 9 months (18 classes):

  • Ancestral lineage healing
  • Apprenticeship in ceremonial rituals
  • Apprenticeship in mentoring others

Investment In Full
Payment Plan

If you are ready to start your journey into shamanism, click the appropriate link, and let’s get started! If you’re not sure, please feel free to touch base with me for a free, 15 minute consultation for some clarity.

We’re happy to answer questions after you’ve had a chance to review our services. Please Contact Us for more information or to ask specific questions.