Spiritual Healing Services offered through Passage To Inner Joy

Pamela Dussault, Passage to Inner Joy

Our natural state is one of wholeness, well-being, and balance. However, in the course of our daily lives, this natural balance can be upset for any number of reasons, such as emotional distress, physical injury or trauma, or old negative programming, unhealthy relationship, long-term conditioning and patterning. As a result, our ability to move freely becomes blocked, our Spirit is unfulfilled and we are unsure of where to turn. A downward cycle ensues. When this happens, we need to realign – to rebalance ourselves emotionally and physically – in order return to a natural state of wholeness. Pamela facilitates this rebalancing through various methods. She shares her wisdom, knowledge, and healing gifts to serve as a positive force in the life of the person she is helping so that you can return to a natural state of wellness. Each of the following methods are fully explained within this website. Simply click on the link to learn more.Learn More

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Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive counseling is the knowledge and insight that comes from an accurate source of authentic foreknowing or sixth sense.


group mentoring session


offers you a one-on-one approach to self-improvement and self-development on both a practical and spiritual level.


smudge, rattle, feather, crystal


Spiritual healing is accomplished in a number of ways – through audio transmissions, REAP Healing and Shamanic Healing.


Time to Webinar - computer, coffee, pencil and paper, glasses


These informative workshops offer information and guidance into various perspectives of growing and finding fulfillment in our lives.


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Mediumship Reading

As a bridge between worlds, my mediumship readings are solely to communicate with loved ones on the other side.


hard cover book, brown


These are compact yet comprehensive enough to give you all the answers you’re seeking about some of life’s questions in a time-saving essay format.


Believe in Yourself!


Various self-help techniques can reinforce progress and create a safer environment.


woman meditating, namaste


Guided meditations are designed to support you in your journey towards relaxation, healing and personal and spiritual growth and development.