Shamanic Healing and Other Wellness Links

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The Society for Shamanic Practice

The Society for Shamanic Practice (SSP) is one of a kind member supported and member driven organization dedicated to living and traveling the shamanic path.

The Heart of the Healer

don Oscar Miro-Quesada, respected kamasqa curanderos and altomisayoq from Peru and the originator of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (TM) of cross-cultural shamanism has dedicated this website to offer information about the PMT (Pachakuti Mesa Tradition), shamanic teachings, ritual practices and community gatherings.

Aquarius Sanctuary

Metaphysical Bookstore & Gifts and Center for Higher Learning & Healing

Dragonfly Wellness Center

Providing evidence-based holistic approaches to prevent and treat illness for long term wellness. Instruction in all aspects of Wellness of Body, Mind and Spirit for all ages and populations.

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies

A non-profit public 501 (C)(3) charitable and educational organization.  Dedicated to the preservation, study, and teaching of shamanic knowledge for the welfare of the Planet and its inhabitants.

The Wellness Universe

Connect with people who are creating a better world. Search 7 Wellness Categories: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social & Spiritual. Walk away feeling better!

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