Ancestral Healing

Healing The Ancestral Lines

There are times in our lives when, despite all our efforts to heal and transform our persistent patterns, we emerge unsuccessful – not by fault of our own, but because unresolved energies plague us in our ancestral line. Inter-generational patterns of family dysfunction, pain, and abuse can often thwart our otherwise well-intended efforts to create a much more positive and blessed life. In other words, the traumas, wounds, secrets, and hurdles left unresolved by our ancestors can block our path. Our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual selves and our personal and professional relationships are directly impacted by our ancestors – for bad. Still, with the right repair work, it can also be for good.

More specifically, these unresolved ancestral energies can impact us by being imprinted on our DNA, being taught to us by family/history, and even manifesting in the likelihood of developing physical and mental health issues, security and abundance issues, addiction and dependency issues, intimacy and connection issues, and other serious imbalances. An example of this can be seen in the descendants of Holocaust survivors. There are genetic markers in our DNA that signify trauma, and these descendants have these markers. They also have a higher likelihood of developing nightmares, anxiety, and depression. The Holocaust is also something that many families retell the memories of and is also covered in history books, so these descendants, in particular, have very well-documented ancestral trauma. The same holds for descendants of slaves and other historically traumatic events, as well as localized family-specific traumas.

How Does Healing the Ancestral Lines Help You?

All of us carry the wounds of our ancestors, whatever they may be. This is why healing the ancestral lines can be so beneficial to our overall well being.

Some ways ancestral healing can help you include:

  • Providing you with greater clarity and awareness
  • Restoring overlooked blessings
  • Allowing space for acceptance and forgiveness
  • Helping to illuminate your life’s purpose
  • Giving you a more solid self-identity
  • Gaining a sense of ancestral pride
  • Reconciling with estranged living relatives
  • Establishing healthy boundaries with living relatives
  • Granting the possibility of developing a relationship with ancestors
  • And of course, healing the trauma of your family’s past; and moving past generational wounds

What To Expect From an Ancestral Lineage Healing Session

Healing ancestral lines is a shamanic practice that is done for you, your ancestors, and your descendants. The process is recorded so that you and the shamanic practitioner you chose can discuss what happened on their journey. During this ritual, the shamanic practitioner will journey into the world of Spirit to find and commune with your ancestors. As different ancestors are found, the shamanic practitioner will be able to figure out who is not at peace, why, and how to help. Our ancestors can often act as Helper Spirits; this can help begin the ancestral wound healing process. Your ancestors may also give you gifts such as blessings, insight, and knowledge to help you in your life.

Once the shamanic practitioner knows where different ancestral wounds have originated and have met those who are not at peace, they will be able to work with them to resolve and reconcile, as well as transforming and clearing the otherwise disruptive patterns which played out in everyone’s lives after that – all the way down the line to you and your living relatives. Once this is done, the practitioner will schedule a follow-up with you to discuss the recording.

With this work, you are given the opportunity to experience freedom from these persistent patterns and be open to receiving the blessings that come from these now resolved ancestors and your team of your spiritually vibrant (also known as your Good, True and Beautiful) ancestral helping spirits. You’ll find a renewed sense of connection and belonging in your family that comes from love instead of trauma and can pass on a “new, positive normal” way for your descendants, their future descendants, and so-on.

If you suspect your family has unresolved energies impacting you, please reach out to me to schedule your Ancestral Healing Session. I would love to be part of your healing and help you understand how to navigate these ancestral traumas and wounds in your own life.


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Pamela's energy work is powerful, clear and deeply healing. Working with her frees you from the hidden blockages to your total well being. I highly recommend her beautiful work to anyone who wants to live more fully and freely in the present.

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