How to Create Sacred Space


Creating a Sacred Space is something loving you do for yourself and your spirit. It will provide you with a place where you feel safe and connected to your spirit and the Divine. It should be a place where you immediately feel inner peace when you enter it.

Your sacred space will be used for meditation, prayer, sending healing energies and writing in your journal. This space is for your introspective process and it is important that it is undisturbed by outside influences.

Your sacred space can be a whole room or a corner of a room, or even somewhere outside in your yard. This should be a space that you can remain undisturbed while you are using it. It is necessary to clear any clutter so it feels good and peaceful to you.

I recommend having a small altar for you to add some crystals (I recommend clear quartz to begin with as it assists in removing negativity), a candle, or anything in which you find helpful when you pray and/or connect to the divine. I suggest you add some things that represent your spirit in some way – these would be items that you truly love to look at or hold. This may be pictures of your loved ones, a figurine of a deity and a live plant. Keep in mind that it only matters that you add items that are important to you, because this space is just for you.

After you have all your items in place, you may use a smudging ritual to clear out negativity and to energetically designate this space as sacred. The smudging ritual involves burning sage (you can purchase sage specific for this purpose at many metaphysical bookstores, whole health stores, or even on line). This shares its roots with incense and is a powerful cleansing technique from the Native American tradition. The idea is that as sage is burned, the smoke transmutes negative energies and thoughts. You do not need to have much smoke; just a little will do along with your intention. I recommended you have a window open nearby for the smoke to leave. You may declare your space sacred once you have finished smudging.

You may smudge again anytime you may feel that negative energy may have permeated this space. Note: If this is your first time using sage, please be sure to read the instructions on the package carefully. Also, please remember to practice safety with anything you may burn, whether it is sage, incense and/or a candle.

Now that your space is sacred, call in any angels, guides, or deities you wish and invite them to join you in celebrating your new space. Spend some time in meditation and gratitude for your new creation.