Archangel St. Michael


St. Michael is an archangel present in Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions. There is much detail about him in various religious texts and testaments. He is viewed as the field commander in the Army of God in these traditions and his name means “He who is as God”. He is one of the seven great archangels who bring forth the love energy of God to all of humanity and is the guardian overlord of the angelic realm. He is the great protector and keeper of the sword of blue flame, used to cut through illusions so you may see the truth. This sword is also used to cut away and transmute all negativity within and around humanity. His hooded cloak is used to cover you completely from head to toe with protection. He shares the First Ray of Divine Will and Power* with those who are in alignment with God and with those who wish to use their power balanced with love and compassion. He presents his gifts of his cloak and sword to overcome adversity and eliminate fears.

Invoke Archangel Michael when you wish his assistance to eliminate fear and give you courage. Also, call on Archangel Michael when you need protection and when you are uncertain about making life changes. Archangel Michael assists you with gaining clarity and aligning with your life purpose and mission. Archangel Michael is the first archangel I have ever worked with and his assistance was what enabled me to make my own life changes. A wonderful prayer to invoke him and his counterpart angel, Faith, is as follows:

“Through the authority vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness or the Mighty I AM Presence, I consciously call forth to the energy of Archangel Michael and Lady Faith. I ask that you be present and receptive to me now. I ask for divine intervention for ______________________ (list any situation that you need intervention for). I ask that this situation be resolved through love, forgiveness, compassion and grace. I ask for the will, strength, courage and faith to be who I AM at all times and to do what I came to earth to do. With your blazing blue sword I ask that you cut away all illusions, veils, falsehoods, and fears, and that I may be guided by the pure love of God/ Creator’s will. I see and know this as already done, and I thank you. So be it, so it has been accepted. I now accept this or something better through the grace of God and to the highest good of all concerned. I thank you ( 3 times) Amen ( 3 times )”

Archangel Michael can also cut through etheric cords of fear and negativity that may bind you to another person. Cords of fear and negativity are often attached as a result of conflict, drama, dependency and addictions to name a few. You can have cords attached to you from your loved ones, as well as those whom you have had very brief interaction. The purpose of cutting these cords is to release those attachments that drain our energy and vitality and to bring you the opportunity to shift your energy to a higher vibration of love. You can invoke Archangel Michael to do this by saying:

“Archangel Michael please come to me now and cut the cord of fear, guilt, and undo responsibility that is draining my energy and my Life-force vitality with ________________. I give you permission to cut the cords NOW with grace, love, and forgiveness in all time frames, dimensions and on all levels of the soul. Thank you Archangel Michael…. Amen, I am now FREE!”

Archangel St. Michael will assist you at any moment, but you must always ask for his help first, for he (like any of the angels) will not intervene without that. Work with him and you will feel more empowered to do what is necessary to create the life of your dreams.